Saturday, August 22, 2015

Quick fix for anxiety & panic

5 ways to manage a panic attack.

1. Don’t be afraid. If you think of it as an Panic Wave, you know it is temporary. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. Not being afraid will take the power away from Anxiety, who needs you to be afraid for it to exist. Let it flow over you, so it can keep moving and go away faster.
2. Move. Moving helps your mind and body stay empowered. Moving feels like you are doing something and it gives the adrenaline something to do, rather than just terrorize you. Pace the floor, walk around the house, go outside for a walk. Just move your body.
3. Talk. Anxiety held in has more power. Stay with people, call someone, or talk out loud to yourself. Say aloud all of the thoughts in your head. Even if they are irrational. This takes the power away from them. It gets them out of your mind where they sound much more dangerous. Say what you feel. Don’t worry about how you sound. Allow it all out.
4. Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. You can do it. This won’t last. When we panic and have trouble breathing, mostly we are forgetting to exhale. Try to exhale slowly. It will help regulate your breathing.
5. Feel empowered. Keep faith and trust in yourself. You got this. When you start to feel the panic attack wane, have confidence in yourself that you did it. Shake your body to let the rest of the energy out, (like you’re shaking water off your hands.)
Enjoy the relief.
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